Here at Arrowhead Building Supply we certainly have the drive and determination to do our part in fundraising for the St. Louis JDRF Chapter. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is dear to our hearts and for those of you who have participated in the JDRF fundraising golf tournament in past years; we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For those of you who are not familiar with JDRF let us open your eyes to JDRF. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is so efficiently managed that 90% of contributions go directly to research. The goal of research is to ultimately find a cure. Until then numerous strides have been made to help those kids with juvenile diabetes more comfortably manage their daily life.

These kids range in age from 3 years to 17 years old. A daily routine for most is to check their blood sugar 6-8 times each day and night. Most kids require 4-6 shots a day. In addition daily monitoring of their strict diet is necessary. Imagine you having to do what these kids do each and every day to manage this disease and the discipline required to do so. It would be difficult for most of us. Think how difficult it is for an active child. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated by JDRF and the kids who benefit from your generosity. Thank you for considering our Annual Charitable Golf Event to benefit JDRF. In 3 years over $55,000 has been raised for our local JDRF Chapter.