We have been a customer of Arrowhead Building Supply since the day they opened twelve years ago, but the relationship goes back much further than that.  Jerry Pogue, Larry Saxe and their loyal employees have been supplying our roofing materials for nearly two decades.

When Arrowhead opened, I had already made my decision that they would be our primary roofing supplier.  That was one of the smartest decisions that I’ve ever made.  Arrowhead has since become my ONLY supplier.  Some of the reasons are:

  • Very competitive prices
  • Large selection of quality materials
  • Large inventory eliminates waiting on special orders
  • Incredible and unmatched service.  All of the employees at Arrowhead are dedicated to “serving their customers”.  This can be experienced from the customer’s phone call to order materials from the knowledgeable and dedicated sales counter people, to the efficient warehouse staff, all of the way through the many steps to the “on roof” deliveries by courteous and professional drivers.
  • Every aspect is incredibly professional, from the show room, their warehouse, to the impressive, clean and well maintained and modern delivery equipment.
  • These characteristics are readily seen in all four of their exceptional facilities.

But they take their customer service and commitment up a notch further.  They offer continuing education to their customers through Arrowhead University.  Customers are given the opportunity to learn features and installation info on all of their products in a comfortable classroom setting at their facilities.

Perhaps the most important quality is that Jerry runs the company with “Good Old Fashioned” morals and ethics.  An important quality which I believe will never go out of style.

They are truly an exceptional company and it is an exceptional experience and always a pleasure to do business with the folks at Arrowhead.

In Sincere Appreciation,

Mike Schneller
G&W Roofing Company


Arrowhead has been a wonderful partner of ours for many years.  They continue to respond to our needs, through rapid response, fair pricing and outstanding customer service.  They have provided useful insight into the status of the industry to help our company evolve to best suit our needs and the needs of our customers.  We look forward to growing with them in the years to come.

Jason Shupp
Ferguson Roofing Company


Character Does Matter!

Values and ethics are the reason we do business with Arrowhead Building Supply.  Their service and support, along with competitive pricing are certainly important considerations to our business, but it is the personal contact at all levels of their company that we know we can depend on.  Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff that answers questions and returns phone calls are important.  Arrowhead also anticipates needs and does not just react.  We know that we can count on something that an Arrowhead employee tells us.  They have the quiet strength that is needed to maintain their business and help others.  Arrowhead is an outstanding company based on principles that have been proven for over 2,000 years.

Andy Mikula
Builders Bloc



We have been doing decks for 25 years.  In the past couple of years, since the opening of your Arrowhead Belleville location, we have been buying our Evergrain decking material from you.  We wanted to let you know that Joe and his colleagues at the Belleville location have always gone out of their way to take care of us.  They go beyond the other suppliers.  I have had to get materials at the last minute and they have always been accommodating.

They have always had an appreciation for our business and a great outlook on things.  We just wanted to let the Arrowhead management know they run an exceptional company and how much we appreciate the Belleville location.  Thank you.

Pat Flynn
Deck, Inc.


I want to let you know what Arrowhead means to me.  I have done business with several different suppliers.  The other companies have never treated me like Arrowhead has.  It is nice to feel like you are one of the family.  The customer service you receive, from not one, but ALL the staff is superior to all the other suppliers.  There is not one supplier in our area that can, or do offer you same day delivery.  Well let me tell you Arrowhead does.

Once you become a customer of Arrowhead, there is no reason to use anyone else.  I know from experience that they will bend over backwards to help out their loyal customers.  What I also love about Arrowhead is they are committed to help further your knowledge in all aspects of roofing.

They hold classes several times a year on different roofing materials.  These are “how-to” classes.  What better way to train you on installation than the manufacturer holding a hands-on class held by Arrowhead?  In closing, Arrowhead is my one and only supplier and I would suggest you make Arrowhead part of your team.

Jason Hayes
Tri-Peak Construction, LLC


Dear Arrowhead Building Supply,

At Artown Roofing & Contracting, we would just like to say thank you for all the hard work that you do for us.  Every contractor has their secret to success and at Artown it’s no secret:  supplying homeowners with the best products at affordable prices is the key to successful business and the only way we can do that is by working side by side with Arrowhead.  We know that when we tell a customer that their projects will be done on time that we can rely on Arrowhead to get the material to any job when we need it.

By being able to offer the very best products at the very best price, helps to make our company “ A Step Above The Rest” and that’s our motto at Artown.  Roofing as always been our main focus, but with Arrowhead’s knowledgeable staff, we have been able to grow into the exterior home remodeling company that we know if we need something, that they will come through with whatever our need is.  We have been so impressed by the owners, who are so down to earth and willing to work directly with us to get anything and everything done to help us meet our needs.

Artown Roofing & Contracting is proud to tell all our customers that we buy our supplies from Arrowhead because it lets them know that we only buy from the best.  We just wanted to thank the Pogue’s and all our close friends at Arrowhead Building Supply for a job well done.

Artown Roofing & Contracting


Dear Rick (Pogue),
I use Arrowhead Building Supply for 2 simple but very important reasons.  Everyone at Arrowhead is knowledgeable about their products, and sincerely committed to customer service.  They are always available to advise me on the best materials for the job and they make every effort to deliver them in a timely fashion.

Bob Boschert
Boschert & Son Homes, Inc.


My wife and I have owned a supply company, so we know how important good service & cost is to the typical contractor.  Arrowhead’s 3 hour guarantee on delivery is an incredible service.  Last minute cancellations and postponements can wreak havoc on scheduling and set-up, knowing that I can still get my materials on a last minute’s notice is comforting.

I also know that representatives are competent enough to notice any irregularities on an order, bring it to my attention, and verify before shipping.  It is comfortable to walk into a business and know that you will be treated at a personal level like family.  Since switching our business to Arrowhead, we have actually noticed an increase in productivity.  Thanks Arrowhead for the great service and commitment, keep up the great work.

Darrin Agne
Vice President
Edwards & Sons Construction Company, Inc.


I am very happy with all the services that Arrowhead offers.  I’m exceptionally happy with the loading time when I pull into the Arrowhead warehouse.  The delivery service is great and if there’s a problem with a scheduled time, someone always contacts me with an update.  The employees at the counter and delivering materials are very helpful and knowledgeable.  I will continue to do business with Arrowhead Building Supply, Inc.
Steve Hamilton

Hamilton Exteriors


Our sales have quadrupled due to the fast service of Arrowhead’s three hour delivery.  Neighbors of our clients become customers because of the precise timing of our deliveries.  The roof is delivered; we show up and put it on.  They never saw this level of service coming.  We’d like to thank Arrowhead – Pevely and its team for their help growing our business!
Randy Link

Link Construction


Shawn, Deidre, Hunter and the entire staff at the Strafford location have consistently demonstrated personal service and on more than one occasion, have exceeded my expectations of a material supplier.  I exclusively use Arrowhead Building Supply as my supplier due to the level of service your staff provides.
Marc Benz

Springfield & St. Louis, Missouri
Consolidated Service Group, LLC


The service Arrowhead Building Supply is superior to all other suppliers in the area. I can place a shingle order in the morning and my material is generally on site before we are finished tearing off the existing shingles. Arrowhead provides my company educational experiences and keeps me up to date on products and services available to grow my business.

In my fourteen years of business, I have never experienced the service Arrowhead Building Supply provides and I appreciate the friendly customer service Shawn, Deidre, Hunter, Larry, Greg and the whole staff at the Strafford location consistently provide.

Bruce Terry
Terry’s Roofing