3 Ways to Reduce Spring Home Maintenance Chores

Welcome to spring cleaning season, which includes the outside of your home. Are you tired of repeating exterior spring home maintenance chores?  Check out these 3 ways to lighten your load and have more free time to enjoy spring.

1. Install a Composite Deck

If you have a wood deck, you know it requires regular power-wash cleaning, re-staining and repairing wood rot. We recommend enjoying your deck instead of babysitting it by upgrading to a composite deck.

Envision Composite Decking has several lines of decking that emulate the colors and textures of natural wood without the required maintenance. The photo above is Envision Distinction in Greywood, which looks like a fine, weathered wood – but with no fear of splinters! Composite decking is durable and needs only a good scrub in the spring to keep it clean for the outdoor living season.

2. Install Engineered Wood Siding

If you have real wood siding, you’re familiar with keeping up on wood rot, water damage and pest control. Would you be interested in having the look and feel of wood without that high level of maintenance?

We recommend the engineered wood siding from LP SmartSide (pictured above) for its beauty, durability and workability. Their siding lines include the traditional look of lap siding, the modern look of vertical siding or the rustic charm of shake shingles. You can further reduce maintenance by ordering the siding pre-finished from the factory, which comes with a 30-year Diamond Kote warranty against paint failure.

3. Install a Fiberglass Entry Door

The timeless beauty of a wood entry door also comes with warping, rotting and re-painting issues. Would you like to have the classic look of a wood door without the regular maintenance?

If so, check out the ProVia fiberglass entry door options. Fiberglass doors recreate the textures and color of natural wood. The finish is permanent and durable, needing only a light washing every spring to bring back the sparkle. Plus, interior layers of insulation make the doors far more energy efficient all year long. Bonus: if you prefer a pop of color, ProVia doors are also available in pre-finished paint colors.

Less time spent on spring home maintenance is an enticing thought. If you want to see and learn more about low-maintenance decking, siding and entry doors, visit your local Arrowhead Building Supply showroom. And if you’d like to make it even easier on yourself by hiring a professional to install these products, ask us about our Contractor Referral Service.

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