Energy Efficient Windows

If you are looking to improve energy efficiency in your home or business, you can start with the simple changes like upgrading to programmable thermostats, using fans, and sealing cracks around doors and windows. But to see bigger results, look to energy-efficient windows.

Windows manufacturers like Velux have steadily improved their products’ design over the last few years. New technology and testing have given way to smarter and better products that can be used with both new construction and retrofits.

Modular Skylights
Modular Skylights are fully prefabricated skylights for commercial buildings that offer all the benefits of a modular system while maintaining an elegant design and excellent energy performance.


Roof Windows
The widest selection of roof windows to perfectly match your expectations for comfort and better living through daylight. By placing the window in the roof, the homeowner is provided with free solar energy, both heating and lighting. Because of this, Velux Roof Windows have been shown to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 500 kg throughout the life of the window!


Flat Roof Windows
High quality energy efficient VELUX flat roof windows with great design, nice internal finish and the possibility of control heat, sunrays and ventilation.


Sun Tunnels
Products that improve interior spaces and the well-being of people in them by bringing bright and natural daylight to places with no direct outlook, saving on lighting costs. Energy efficiency, worry-free installation and Velux quality put your mind at ease in any application of the Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight.

To see your energy efficient window options, visit your local Arrowhead showroom, or contact us here.

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