How to Find a Good Building Contractor

If you’ve ever suffered from an unreliable contractor doing bad work on your home, then you know how difficult it can be to find a good building contractor. Arrowhead Building Supply offers a Contractor Referral Service that helps you avoid home building and remodeling mistakes.

There are good resources for finding a reputable building contractor. We recommend you research potential contractor candidates with the Better Business Bureau. A BBB-accredited company with a high rating means they have a good track record. And your local Home Builders Association is another good place to find home contractors who care about professionalism.

Try the Arrowhead Contractor Referral List

If you would like insider information on the good building contractors, pay a visit to your local Arrowhead showroom. We know who the best professionals are because we take care of their building product needs 6 days a week.

When it comes to local building contractors, we have relationships with the business owners and their employees. We’re familiar with the type of work they specialize in and how the projects turn out. Because we meet some of their clients, we discover what level of customer service they deliver. And because we deliver building products to their job sites, we see how they run a project.

Just as important, we learn how ethical and professional they are from their Arrowhead ordering and payment history. Or to be frank, if they’re having problems paying for the supplies they use on a job, there may be problems with the job, and that usually equals a dissatisfied client.

ask teh arrowhead sales team about the contractor referral list

We Can Point You in the Right Direction

Whether you have a small roof repair, a large-scale exterior remodeling project or want to build a new house from scratch, we can recommend the contractor that’s right for you. We listen to your specific needs and figure which building professional will be your best fit.

Understand that a contractor cannot buy or bribe their way onto our Contractor Referral List. And that it is not a formal list posted in our showrooms or on our website. It is experienced industry information we share as a friendly service that benefits both building contractors and homeowners. Arrowhead is the “middle man” between contractors and their clients, and we want both sides to have building success.

To find a good building contractor, visit your local Arrowhead showroom and talk with a member of the sales team. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to share our contractor recommendations with you.

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