The Arrowhead Qube Makes It Easy To Design Your Home

Looking at samples can be a challenging way to decide which siding or roofing would look best on your home. But what if you had an accurate visual of what it would look like? Instead of agonizing over important decisions, The Arrowhead Qube makes product selection the easiest part of designing your home.

Choosing a New Roof with the Arrowhead Qube

BEFORE – The homeowner gives Arrowhead Building Supply a photo of their home

In need of a new roof, a homeowner supplied a photo of their house (above). We uploaded it to the visualizer, and prepared the file so they could test all their roofing options on the Arrowhead Qube, located inside every Arrowhead showroom.

AFTER – with the Arrowhead Qube, they made a confident decision on which shingle to buy

With help of an Arrowhead expert, they learned how to create a menu of roofing products, styles and colors. Then they tried on several roofs to see exactly what it would look like on their home. As shown above, they chose a Tamko Heritage shingle in Harvest Gold.

With that decision confidently made, we did exact roof measurements which revealed the quantity needed (also known as take-off). Those numbers determined a final price. And then we delivered the order to their home, free of charge. A new roof has never been this easy!

Making Front Door Decisions

BEFORE – A contractor supplied this photo of a client’s existing front door

AFTER – This was the door they chose. The Qube gives the contractor the info needed to place the order.

A remodeling contractor benefits from the Arrowhead Qube as much as the homeowner. Working with the photo shown above, a client found the perfect new entry door and hardware. With that info stored in The Qube, their contractor has all the info he needs to spec out and price the job. Arrowhead places the order and delivers the door to the job site.

Designing a New Home with The Arrowhead Qube

If you’re building a new home, the Arrowhead Qube makes it easy to try on different looks using existing house plans.

The video above demonstrates how an Arrowhead expert helped the client and the home builder decide on a design scheme for their new house. We uploaded elevation drawings of the house and gave the client a tutorial on how to use The Qube. It’s easy to learn and fun to use. Here are two exterior designs the client decided on:

Arrowhead uploads architectural elevations to The Qube so you can map out different looks

The Arrowhead Qube lets you save multiple home design ideas. We can print them out for you, or give you internet access to the design files. We want you to take your time and be confident in your decisions.

Once the final look is approved, Arrowhead can take care of the rest. We perform the take-off, estimate the prices, place the order and deliver the items to your job site, free of charge.

Let us introduce you to the Arrowhead Qube inside each of our showrooms. Contact your local Arrowhead Building Supply to get started.

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