Train to Become a Class A Commercial Driver with Arrowhead Building Supply

If you have a Class A CDL permit, Arrowhead will pay you to train and test for a Class A Commercial Driver License. Plus, you will be a member of the Arrowhead rooftop delivery team.

Arrowhead Building Supply believes in creating the perfect rooftop delivery team by giving qualified candidates the education and tools to obtain your Class A CDL.

It’s easy to go to the DMV and apply for your Class A Commercial Drivers License. It’s difficult and potentially expensive to get the training you need to pass the DOT test. Arrowhead removes the obstacles that can get in the way of a career as a Class A commercial driver. Here’s how your potential new career works.

The Arrowhead Rooftop Delivery Process

Arrowhead is known for its innovative rooftop delivery service, and we’re always looking for new teammates to make it happen.

Rooftop delivery is a physically demanding job. A candidate must be physically capable of lifting a minimum of 80 pounds. You also need to be unafraid to carry and place items on roofs of various heights and slopes.

“Safety Always” is Arrowhead’s motto. The right candidate who passes a drug screen and a complete background check will be trained in our rooftop safety procedures.  We protect you and our clients’ property.

Arrowhead Pays While You Train to Become a Class A Commercial Driver

When you start at Arrowhead with your Class A CDL permit, we provide the training you need to confidently drive and operate our delivery long loaders. This happens during normal business hours, and you’re on the clock being paid!

Best of all, when you’re ready for the final Class A CDL test, you will use an Arrowhead vehicle you trained on. Usually, the challenge of turning a permit into a license is procuring the truck. Arrowhead removes that obstacle for you.

How to Apply for a Job at Arrowhead

If you want to be part of the Arrowhead rooftop delivery team, here’s where you download an Arrowhead application.

If you already have a valid Class A or B Commercial Drivers License, use the Drivers Application.

For those who have only their Class A permit, use the regular Employment Application.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate application, fill it out completely and bring it to the Branch Manager of the Arrowhead location nearest you. If you have any further questions before submitting your application, please do call the branch for answers.

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