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Roofing jobs get messy. We offer a way to keep your job site clean, reduce roofing job costs and help out Mother Nature. Here’s how Arrowhead Shingle Recycling Bins (also known as SRBs) work for you.

bins delivered to your job site

Along with your roofing supplies order, we deliver a construction bin for recycling shingles to your job site. Toss your old shingles into the bin, which has a capacity of 55 square 3-tab shingles. Let us know when the job is complete and we pick up the full SRB.

You will have no more costly trips to the dump, no longer pay their fees, and keep the old shingles from going to a landfill. Shingle recycling bins also help homeowners feel good about doing good for the planet while keeping their property clean.

The recycled roof shingles process

Those old shingles will make their way to one of Arrowhead’s shingle recycling plants. We grind them down into mountains of aggregate that eventually become part of new asphalt shingles, or part of the asphalt mixture for paving roads. As the video shows, it’s a messy process, but it feels right to be part of a sustainable solution.

There is a fee structure for renting a Shingle Recycling Bin. The delivery and pick-up of the SRB is free. Call your local Arrowhead Building Supply for more details.

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