Vinyl Siding Maintenance in the Winter Months

One of the upsides of vinyl siding is that it requires very little maintenance in order to keep it looking great for years.  But inevitably, like anything else that spends all of its time in the elements, will begin to degrade.  The following post will focus on the benefits of cleaning your vinyl siding in the winter months, and best practices to do so.

It may not seem to make sense at first that winter is a great time to clean your siding.  After all, it’s cold outside!  But this is precisely the reason that winter cleaning is a great thing. Snow, ice, and freezing and unfreezing weather can really take a toll on your vinyl siding.  Water constantly sitting on your vinyl can help facilitate mold build-up and the dirt from the snow will be left on your siding when it melts.  You could leave these problems to be dealt with in the spring, but if mold becomes a problem, it can become much more costly and time consuming that cleaning your vinyl siding in the winter.

Cleaning your vinyl siding is simple.  You just need a long, bristled brush, and a solution of 3 parts water to one part bleach.  You may also use a vinegar and water solution, which would work just about as well.  Remember to start at the bottom and work up, in order to prevent any streaking from the cleaning water.  You can certainly use a power washer if you have one, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual for your siding to look up recommended pressures!

This simple tip will help maintain your vinyl siding for years to come, and all it takes is washing down your siding once or twice every winter.  Just make sure you do it on a day when it’s not too cold out!

Do you have questions about maintaining your vinyl siding in the winter that is not covered here? Get the answers from your local Arrowhead Building Supply team.

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