Siding Tips: Knowing When to Repair or Replace

“Can I repair this siding or should I replace it?” is a question we hear most every day. Because each case is different there is no set answer, but there are guidelines. This is a summary of the knowledge we share with our customers.

When to Repair Siding

Storm Damage
If severe weather has damaged your exterior, it’s best to file an insurance claim. This way, it can be professionally inspected by approved siding contractors and the cost can be reimbursed.

A Few Boards Are Bad
If your siding is still under product or workmanship warranty and portions are showing signs of failure, have it inspected ASAP. A siding contractor qualified in both repair and replacement should inspect the boards. They will determine if it is the board itself (manufacture defect) or if it’s installation or environmental issues causing the problem.

It’s important to keep in mind that most siding repairs will not match the existing exterior. All siding fades with time and weather conditions. Even if your brand and style are still available, the repair may be noticeable. A reputable siding contractor will do their best to match existing siding and make the difference less noticeable. We can help you find a good siding contractor.

knowing when to replace siding

When to Replace Siding

Update Curb Appeal
We all know a dated home when we see one. If yours is one of them, all new siding is the quickest way to embrace the 21st century! Also, this becomes a prime opportunity to update trim, fascia and inspect and repair any problems under the surface.

Stop Constant Repairs
If you’re continually taking care of chips, splits, cracks or paint failure, it’s time to retire that siding. And keep in mind that vinyl cladding, particularly, has a finite shelf life; even if there are no visible problems vinyl eventually fades and loses its moisture protection capabilities. Luckily, vinyl is a cost-effective siding material, so replacing it need not break your budget.

Improve Energy Efficiency
Upgrading to insulated siding helps keep out extreme cold or heat. The boards’ rigid foam insulation not only improves the stability and appearance of the siding itself but reduces your home’s energy consumption. You will see the difference in your energy bills.

Fix Moisture Problems
Exterior walls work like a roof – it’s an overlap system to shed water and keep it from entering your house. If the wall system wears out or is improperly installed, you will experience interior water problems. New siding makes it easy to upgrade your substrate, house wrap and flashing. Know that the best siding in the world will perform badly if there’s no substrate (homes older than 15 years may not even have it all!) or reverse flashing. So if you are having moisture or mold problems inside, make sure your siding system is not the culprit.

When it’s time to repair or replace your siding, let the Arrowhead Building Supply experts guide you in the right direction. We carry a large line of the best exterior siding and will deliver it to your job site. Visit your local Arrowhead showroom to explore all your siding options.

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