How to Recycle Roof Shingles and Vinyl Siding

Remodeling the exterior of your home increases its value, but what becomes of the old asphalt roofing and vinyl siding that is removed? Construction waste doesn’t need to be a landfill problem when recycling roof shingles and vinyl siding it is a viable solution.

Recycling Roof Shingles

We supply building materials to home remodeling contractors and seeing how much waste is produced by removing old roof shingles inspired us to look for solutions that help our contractors, their clients and the planet.

Arrowhead fabricates and rents Shingle Recycling Bins (also known as SRBs) to roofing contractors and homeowners. We deliver to the job site a bin that serves as a trash dumpster for old shingles. The bin has the capacity to hold 55 square 3-tab shingles, which is what covers the roof of an average-sized ranch home.

The shingle recycling bin is convenient for the contractor and keeps the homeowner’s yard clean from roofing debris. When the job is complete, we return to collect the full bin and start the roof shingle recycling process. Here’s how we do it:

Each Arrowhead Building Supply location cultivates a pile of old, nail-free asphalt shingles that we transport to one of our two shingle recycling locations. We grind the old shingles into mountains of silt that become part of asphalt pavement or converted into new roofing shingles. We get a kick out of knowing that some of the roofing products we sell may very well contain asphalt we recycled just months before!

Learn more about Arrowhead Shingle Recycling Bins.

Arrowhead provides a vinyl siding recyling bin for their contractors so they can prevent old siding from going into the landfill

Recycling Vinyl Siding

Recycling old vinyl siding can be a bit more challenging. Many recycling centers do not accept PVC resin products, and approximately 80% of the weight of vinyl siding is just that.

Contractors would prefer to do something useful with old vinyl siding. But it can be very cost-prohibitive for them and their client to spend time and money traveling long distances to recycling centers that process vinyl.

We make it easy for our contractors to keep old vinyl siding out of landfills by giving them access to vinyl recycling bins. We invite contractors who have purchased new siding from us to toss the old vinyl siding into the bins provided by local PVC recycling plants. Several times a week, the bins are emptied by the very recycling plant that processes and re-forms that material into new vinyl and PVC products.

Arrowhead is the middleman between the siding contractor and the recycling plant, making it easy for both sides to do what they do best. And we all help out Mother Nature in the process!

To learn more about our shingle and vinyl recycling services, contact the Arrowhead Building Supply location nearest you.

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