What are the Most Valuable Exterior Remodeling Projects?

Exterior remodeling projects always top the list for return on investment (ROI) and boosting curb appeal. For the facts that back up the claim, we turn to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs Value Report.

This annual Cost vs. Value Report records nation-wide renovation data provided by professional remodeling contractors. This is a realistic starting point for exterior remodeling project costs in your area, and how much you might expect to recoup when selling the house. Let’s look at some exterior projects with the best ROI.

Exterior Manufactured Stone Veneer

Adding a stone veneer to your home can recoup 107.9% of the reported $8,147 job cost in the Metro St. Louis area. They describe a midrange manufactured stone veneer project as:

“Remove 300 square-foot continuous band of existing vinyl siding from bottom third of street-facing façade, beginning at garage, and continuing around main entry. Replace with adhered manufactured stone veneer, including 36 linear feet (LF) of sills, 40 LF of corners, and one address block. Installation includes two separate layers of water resistive barrier laid over bare sheathing, corrosion resistant lath and fasteners, and nominal ½-inch-thick mortar scratch coat and setting bed. Outline the archway, use an 8×10-inch keystone and a soldier course of flats on either side.”

For this type of project, we recommend Versetta Stone by Boral, for its ease of installation and durable beauty.

exterior remodeling siding replacement

Siding Replacement

Replacing 1,250 square feet of existing siding with new siding on your home can recoup 76.1% of the estimated $15,832 job cost in the Metro St. Louis area. The 2018 Cost vs Value Report does not specify what type of siding material is being used.

Arrowhead carries a large line of vinyl, fiber cement and metal siding products. Our team can provide a more exact cost depending on the type of siding you choose.

exterior remodeling entry door replacement

Entry Door Replacement

A new steel entry door can recoup 66.9% of the estimated cost of $1,482 in the St. Louis, MO area. The Report describes the midrange steel replacement door project as:

“Remove existing 3-0/6-8 entry door and jambs and replace with new 20-gauge steel unit, including clear dual-pane half-glass panel, jambs, and aluminum threshold with composite stop. Door is factory finished with same color both sides. Exterior brick-mold and 2.5-inch interior colonial or ranch casings in poplar or equal prefinished to match door color. Replace existing lockset.”

If you’re interested in a new front entry door, here are some of the door lines Arrowhead Building Supply carries.

exterior remodeling roofing replacement

Roofing Replacement

A new roof can recoup 64% of an investment of $22,448 in Metro St. Louis. They describe the midrange roofing project as:

“Remove existing roofing to bare wood sheathing and dispose of properly. Install 30 squares of 235-pound fiberglass asphalt shingles (min. 25-year warranty) with new felt underlayment, galvanized drip edge, and mill-finish aluminum flashing. Assume a 5-square hip roof; custom flashing at two average-size skylights; and custom cap treatment at vented ridge.”

Check out some of the roofing products available at Arrowhead Building Supply.

Practical knowledge is your biggest ROI, and this article gives you a deep dive into the trends and numbers of the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report. When you’re ready to boost the value and curb appeal of your home, let the experts at your local Arrowhead Building Supply guide you through the exterior remodeling process. You can even take advantage of our Contractor Referral Service.

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